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49 Lucy:Daddy, why does the snow flake

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故事名称:49 Lucy:Daddy, why does the snow flake
晨读英语美文 经典对白

[00:01.78]Lucy: Daddy, why does the snow flake?

[00:04.26]Sam: Because snow... because snow flakes.

[00:07.21]Lucy: Daddy, what is mustard made of?

[00:10.06]Sam: Because it's yellow ketchup.

[00:13.52]Lucy: Daddy, why are men bald?

[00:15.58]Sam: Sometimes they're bald

[00:17.29] because their head is shiny...

[00:18.77]and they don't have hair on it.

[00:20.65]So their head is just more of their face.

[00:24.09]Lucy: Daddy, are ladybugs only girls or are there boys, too?

[00:27.06]And if there are, what are they called?

[00:29.55]Sam: Yeah, the Beatles.

[00:31.23]Lucy: Daddy, where does the sky end?

[00:34.86]Why does the moon follow me home?

[00:35.90]Why is the sun orange?

[00:37.22] Where does the hour go in Daylight Savings?

[00:40.75] Daddy, do I look more like you or mommy?

[00:44.79] Daddy... do you think she'll ever come back?

[00:53.06]Sam: Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little.

[01:02.94] And John Lennon lost his mother when he was little.

[01:06.75]And Annie says that sometimes God picks the special people.

[01:13.28]That's what Annie says.

[01:15.72]Lucy: Daddy, did God mean for you to be like this

[01:21.67] or was it an accident?

[01:23.41]Sam: OK. What do you mean?

[01:28.34]Lucy: I mean you're different.

[01:30.18]Sam: But what do you mean?

[01:37.25]Lucy: You're not like other daddies.

[01:40.08]Sam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry.

[01:50.08]Lucy: It's OK, daddy. It's OK. Don't be sorry.

[01:56.63]I'm lucky. Nobody else's daddy ever comes to the park.

[02:01.48]Sam: Yeah, we are lucky. Aren't we lucky? Yeah!

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