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DPD - a strong brand, with a clear strategy.

Global in our thinking - local in our actions. Passionate about our customers. These guidelines mark the philosophy of the powerful DPD brand. As such, their effect within the company is to confirm identity and outside the company to create trust, particularly important in an age when change is constant.

In doing so, the international DPD brand fulfils different requirements. This is as true for national markets, with their own individual customer needs, as it is for the various target audiences within a given market. The clear strategy behind it: DPD listens to its customers. Only by doing so can it offer them exactly what they actually require. Internationally, and with excellent, on-site service.

As a result, increasing numbers of countries in Europe are choosing to use the DPD brand. Their decision to so is made easier by the high level of recognition it enjoys, across the continent. All DPD countries share the same brand vision: to be a customer-friendly service provider in the international parcel delivery market.