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  1. 发布时间:2019-08-24
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:兼职实习
  4. 来源:上海交大BBS
标签:供应商 zlf9 皇家彩世界官网
[原帖] 发信人: shuipingzuo(拒绝融化的冰), !WWW.YINGJIESHENG.COM!
标  题: 【全职实习】AMD-HR recruiting intern
发信站: 饮水思源 (2019-08-2415:12:35 星期三)

This position mainly supports the recruitment activities including but not lim
ited to:

1.Follow up with recruitment process, coordinate the interview arrangement wit
h candidates, hiring managers, recruiters, and other interviewers
2.Maintain talent pool and make conduct regularly candidate review process for
3.Perform candidates CVs collecting and screening and phone interviewing
4.Job posting internally and externally
5.Generate recruitment reports
6.Participate in recruitment related project as an assistant

-Able to provide full time work(at least 4 days per week,Mon-Fri)
-Able to work at the position for at least 6 months, 1 year is preferred
-Fluent spoken and written in both English and Chinese
-Proficiency with MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
-Service-minded, accountable, passionate and self-motivated with very good com
munication skill
-Able to handle confidential information.

Education Background:
Full-time university student working for bachelor/Master degree, graduation da
te is not earlier than 2018

Expected on-boarding date: at once
公司地点: 地铁2号线广兰路附近
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